Training Day 140 (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 11

The water was impossibly dark.  Reuben centered himself, remembering what Bamtrob had told him about situations like this.  He had to get over relying on his vision.  Eyes were weak and there were four other senses, all equally perceptive if you give him the chance.

He could feel the water ripple around him.  His squad members were near and maintaining formation.  Checking his wrist nav computer, he continued toward the landing site.  The environmental suit he wore allowed him to breathe under water.  Visibility had to be sacrificed for stealth in this training mission.

Reuben had to make this mission count.  He had been placed in charge of running the operation.  This was his team and his plan.  If they managed to successfully complete their objective he would be well on his way to earning his third degree.

For this mission he and the other cadets had been allowed free reign.  Bamtrob and a few other training sergeants would be playing the role of enemy.  Therefore detection must be avoided at all costs.  They would have to use their collective skills flawlessly.

They slipped out of the water silently, keeping all movements to a minimum.  Reuben signaled for his squad to scan the area.  No sentient life signs detected.  As one they striped off their enviro suits and switched on their visors.  Normally equipment such at this was not issued to grunts.  But special attack teams were the exception to this rule.

The squad moved to a heavy cluster of rocks.  They were going to need more information about their area before attempting their land attack.  Reuben gave the signal to set up camp.  Two were on watch, two went to scout.

Then he would assess how best to outmaneuver  Bamtrob...

Biss Fighter (Ship)

Creators:  Ramea on the planet Gemshorn

Speed: 3
Armor:  8
Maneuverability:  3

Description:    The Biss vessel is a fighter in name only.  The ramea have achieved space flight but seem to have little interest in advancing their technology in this field.  The Biss does have fighting capabilities but its primary assest is its heavy armor.  Generally, this ship is only used for cargo transportation.

This ship does, however, have a sort of cult following among hot-shot pilots.  Due to its simplicity, the Biss fighter is easy to modify.  Many claim that in the right hands, this ship can turn into one of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy.  The trick, though, is acquiring one.

Infiltration (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 11

As an air breathing scarlati, this underwater city was not going to be the most hospitable of environments.  But if there was one thing being a desert nomad had instilled in Calen it was survival instincts.  And she knew if she was going to survive, she was going to have to quickly adapt to her surroundings.

Activating her cloaking device, her first order of business was going to have to be to figure out where she was going to hole up for the foreseeable future.  This mission would require deep penetration into the spy network on Shawm.  Certainly a daunting task.

Her environmental suit help her propel through the water as she pushed off from the parking dock.  She headed for what appeared to be a cantina of sorts.  It was as good a place as any to start.  Local watering holes were fertile grounds for gossip.

She slipped in, careful not to touch anyone so they weren't alerted to her presence.  One thing that would definitely take some getting used to on this planet was the potential of having to move up and down.  The cantina tables were spread out so there were a few floating above and below Calen.  This was going to make observation more difficult since there would be no possibility of watching the whole room from a single vantage point.

Choosing an abandoned corner, she decided to position herself in a way that would allow her to observe the bartender.  It was Calen's experience that bartenders usually knew more than they let on.  Also, the patrons would probably venture back every so often for more drinks.

Calen stayed in her corner until closing time, carefully watching the comings and goings of the customers with a trained eye.  The establishment was clearly busy but she saw nothing out of the ordinary except for the occasional private conversation with the bartender.

She had a feeling that her hunch was correct about the bartender.  At the very least he could maybe be persuaded to part with some food and supplies.

This evening he was going to receive an unexpected visitor at his home.

Tuner (Profession)

Description:  The Tuning System is based on the principle that everything in the universe has its own natural vibration.  With training and discipline a being can learn to harness this power and control their body's vibrations.  Those that have mastered this skill are called tuners.

By controlling their own body's vibrations a tuner may, therefore, control the objects around them.  The limitations of this power are solely hinged upon the tuner's own knowledge and creativity.  In order to control a substance, the tuner must know both the properties of the substance and what it naturally vibrates to.

Though true master tuners are rare, they may be found in every walk of life.  In learning to master this art, tuners are taught a code of ethics.  However, it seems that the ethics are more concerned with uses of power than whatever government rules happen to be in place at the time.

More Than Meets the Eye (Adventure) - Uxel Herum Saga 4

"Excuse me good sirs... yes, I couldn't help but notice the both of you from across the marketplace."

The two men gave each other a speaking glance and then looked at her.  Uxel was treading dangerous ground here and they all knew it.

"What's your name?" the human asked suspiciously.

"Oh... names!  Such trivial things aren't they?  Trust me, you'll forget all about names when you hear my offer."

A faint noise floated about the air and a strange power seemed to vibrate from the human.  An interesting sensation, nothing Uxel had ever felt before.  Not unpleasant but still not all together enjoyable.  She felt compelled to trust this stranger.  Like they could work together.

"You will tell me your name and then we will hear what you have to say."

"Uxel.  Uxel Herum," she said, unable to help herself.  The noise stopped.

"Very well Uxel, what would you have of us?"

She shook herself, trying to puff her feathers a bit to look bigger, more confident.  "Nothing much... I just thought you two looked to be the types interested in... information."

"What kind of information?"

"Good information.  Involving, say, important Imperium activities."

The human crossed his arms.  "I am an Imperium citizen as are you.  What would make you suppose that I had any interest in information of this nature?"

"You were speaking to this zelenca here," Uxel pointed.  "Something most humans won't lower themselves to for casual conversation.  You spoke to this zelenca as an equal as well not some servant class.  Also unusual for your species."

The human laughed.  "Well, you're very observant.  We are not, unfortunately, interested in your information right now, little friend.  However...."

The noise started again.  Uxel realized now that it was coming from the human.  She felt power exude from him.  Like he was producing invisible waves and they were enveloping her own body.  She again felt connected to him.  As if they were moving together on a molecular level.

The human's gaze was very intense.  Uxel felt immobilized.  He was connected to her essence and there as nothing she could do about it.

The noise stopped as suddenly as it began.  The human breathed in deeply and then spoke.  "You're an interesting being, Uxel.  So full of petty greed yet so full of untapped potential.  You've been overlooked often.  Money makes you feel important."

Uxel gaped.  She felt completely exposed.  She had not been prepared for a conversation such as this.  All she had wanted was to sell the information she had.

"I think you should meet a friend of ours, Uxel.  He would be the person to help you."

Uxel was confused.  Help her?  Did this mean he would be buying her information?