The Tuning System (Extended Description)

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A descriptive overview of the Tuning System and the abilities of those that wield this power in the Muzik Chronicles universe.

This particular ebook is a background explanation for adventures that take place on and is approximately 1,000 words/four pages in length.

Loure Immobilizer (Weapon)

Creators:  Weiss on the planet Dulcian

Power:  10
Range:  1
Accuracy:  9

Description:  As a method of administering poison into victims, the Loure immobilizer is a tribute to its serpent-like creators.  This weapon is a wrist device equipped with a needle capable of a super fast injection.  The needle is capable of penetrating the epidermis so quickly that most victims don't even feel the attack.

The level of poison issued may be adjusted.  At the highest setting the victim will be dead before he hits the ground.  The only real drawback to the Loure immobilizer is that the the user is limited to the range of the needle, a small concession to make if this weapon is used by a skilled and stealthy individual.