Training Day 140 (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 11

The water was impossibly dark.  Reuben centered himself, remembering what Bamtrob had told him about situations like this.  He had to get over relying on his vision.  Eyes were weak and there were four other senses, all equally perceptive if you give him the chance.

He could feel the water ripple around him.  His squad members were near and maintaining formation.  Checking his wrist nav computer, he continued toward the landing site.  The environmental suit he wore allowed him to breathe under water.  Visibility had to be sacrificed for stealth in this training mission.

Reuben had to make this mission count.  He had been placed in charge of running the operation.  This was his team and his plan.  If they managed to successfully complete their objective he would be well on his way to earning his third degree.

For this mission he and the other cadets had been allowed free reign.  Bamtrob and a few other training sergeants would be playing the role of enemy.  Therefore detection must be avoided at all costs.  They would have to use their collective skills flawlessly.

They slipped out of the water silently, keeping all movements to a minimum.  Reuben signaled for his squad to scan the area.  No sentient life signs detected.  As one they striped off their enviro suits and switched on their visors.  Normally equipment such at this was not issued to grunts.  But special attack teams were the exception to this rule.

The squad moved to a heavy cluster of rocks.  They were going to need more information about their area before attempting their land attack.  Reuben gave the signal to set up camp.  Two were on watch, two went to scout.

Then he would assess how best to outmaneuver  Bamtrob...

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