More Than Meets the Eye (Adventure) - Uxel Herum Saga 4

"Excuse me good sirs... yes, I couldn't help but notice the both of you from across the marketplace."

The two men gave each other a speaking glance and then looked at her.  Uxel was treading dangerous ground here and they all knew it.

"What's your name?" the human asked suspiciously.

"Oh... names!  Such trivial things aren't they?  Trust me, you'll forget all about names when you hear my offer."

A faint noise floated about the air and a strange power seemed to vibrate from the human.  An interesting sensation, nothing Uxel had ever felt before.  Not unpleasant but still not all together enjoyable.  She felt compelled to trust this stranger.  Like they could work together.

"You will tell me your name and then we will hear what you have to say."

"Uxel.  Uxel Herum," she said, unable to help herself.  The noise stopped.

"Very well Uxel, what would you have of us?"

She shook herself, trying to puff her feathers a bit to look bigger, more confident.  "Nothing much... I just thought you two looked to be the types interested in... information."

"What kind of information?"

"Good information.  Involving, say, important Imperium activities."

The human crossed his arms.  "I am an Imperium citizen as are you.  What would make you suppose that I had any interest in information of this nature?"

"You were speaking to this zelenca here," Uxel pointed.  "Something most humans won't lower themselves to for casual conversation.  You spoke to this zelenca as an equal as well not some servant class.  Also unusual for your species."

The human laughed.  "Well, you're very observant.  We are not, unfortunately, interested in your information right now, little friend.  However...."

The noise started again.  Uxel realized now that it was coming from the human.  She felt power exude from him.  Like he was producing invisible waves and they were enveloping her own body.  She again felt connected to him.  As if they were moving together on a molecular level.

The human's gaze was very intense.  Uxel felt immobilized.  He was connected to her essence and there as nothing she could do about it.

The noise stopped as suddenly as it began.  The human breathed in deeply and then spoke.  "You're an interesting being, Uxel.  So full of petty greed yet so full of untapped potential.  You've been overlooked often.  Money makes you feel important."

Uxel gaped.  She felt completely exposed.  She had not been prepared for a conversation such as this.  All she had wanted was to sell the information she had.

"I think you should meet a friend of ours, Uxel.  He would be the person to help you."

Uxel was confused.  Help her?  Did this mean he would be buying her information?

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