A Brief History (Adventure) - Uxel Herum Saga 8

The master's dwelling was surprisingly cozy and no so very different from the nests on Uxel's homeworld.  Uxel was slightly comforted by this.  Perhaps it would make her stay feel like less of a chore.  Achushnet poured two glasses of amber colored liquid and handed one of them to her.  Uxel took a sip.  It had an earthy tasted and burned going down but creating a pleasing warming sensation inside her stomach.  Interesting.

Achushnet pointed to a chair and sat down on the piece of furniture opposite.  "You are not used to alcoholic drinks I take it.  How old are you, Uxel?  You seem young."

"By my people's standards I have been an adult for several years.  According to the Standard Timeline I am seventeen."  She looked at the indicated chair.  "Do you mind if I perch?  Sitting like a human is... uncomfortable."

"Make yourself at home.  So tell me, what do you know of the tuning system?"

"Just rumors and legends mostly.  I'm sure none of it is accurate."

"Rumors and legends can usually trace their source to fact.  Tell me anyway."

"Well, just that tuners are masters of an ancient power.  They have learned to control themselves to tap into this power.  They usually wield weapons called resonators.  They have their own code and are usually admired but also sometimes feared.  Certainly a force to be reckoned with."

"On a very basic level, everything you have said is so far correct."

Uxel was intrigued.  "So you can control an ancient power?"

"Not exactly control.  We learn to work with the power behind the universe."

"What do you mean?"

"We long ago discovered that everything in the universe has its own natural vibrations, no matter how faint.  You, me, a rock, this planet... we all vibrate with energy.  These vibrations are part of what makes us what we are.  For example, every species vibrates at a different frequency.  So in that sense, a species is the same.  But every individual will have slight variations."


"How fast or slow the vibrations are.  Fire has a very high frequency, it's particles move quickly which is why we feel its warmth.  Ice has a lower frequency, it's particles have slowed down in the freezing process."

"How can tuners control this, though?"

"I said already, we don't.  But we can work with our surroundings.  First a tuner must master themselves.  You will have to discover your body's natural frequency.  Once you know that, you can learn to temporarily increase or decrease that frequency level which will allow you to interact with objects in different ways."

Uxel puzzled over this.  "How would it be different?"

"Well, if ice has a lower natural frequency and you apply a high frequency force to it, what would happen?"

"I could melt it!"

"Or shatter it.  Or make it change to steam.  It depends on how precise you are."

"When do we start?"

Kortholt (Planet)

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Native Race:  Strozzi

Main Weapon Produced:  vi Sniper Rifle

Main Ship Produced:  Viala Fighter

Description:  A temperate planet for the most part.  Kortholt boasts just about every type of natural terrain from beautiful oceans to pristine forests to majestic mountains.  If it weren't for the native race of fierce women warriors, this planet would have long ago been conquered by the resource-greedy Imperium.

Rebellion spies have uncovered rumors that Korholt may very soon expect a full on assault.  Imperium military strategists have so far had a difficult time figuring out the best way to go about it since the strozzi have no apparent capital or overly large cities.

Survival Day 1 (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 15

"Calloway!  Your drop point is next!"

Reuben clung tightly to his survival pack.  The pack and the jumpsuit he now wore were the only things between him and death for the next two weeks.  The thought both scared and thrilled him.  He had never before felt so intensely... alive.

The shuttle swooped low and the doors opened.  Reuben jumped out and then watched as the shuttle became a tiny speck in the sky.  The other cadets participating in this survival test would be scattered around the planet.  Theoretically, it was possible to find another cadet and team up but it would be difficult and a waste of valuable time.  Not a safe strategy to bet on.

Reuben glanced around.  Gittern truly was a sight to behold.  It seemed to be mostly dirt and rock and fungus everywhere.  Mushrooms of every shape and size populated the surface; some small enough to be crushed by his boot, others bigger than full-grown trees.

He could spend hours just starring as the alien setting but that would be foolhardy.  His first priority was to find shelter.  The second was to find a source of food and water.  His survival pack contained enough dried rations to last him two weeks if he really watched how much he consumed.  But that was a quick way to lose strength and potentially make him vulnerable.  His third priority would be to fashion some sort of weapon.  His pack contained a short-ranged pistol but if that somehow got lost, he would be in trouble.

The mushrooms made it difficult to see very far.  He noticed, however, that the ground toward the east seemed to slope upward and became rockier.  Rocks meant shelter and higher ground meant a chance to scout the area.  It wasn't much but it was a start.  Besides, he only had a few hours before the seasons changed...

Final Test (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 14

Reuben stood stiffly at attention with the other cadets in his training squad.  His formal uniform of black and red had been washed, starched and polished with extreme care.  Reuben couldn't help but stick his chest out with pride at the addition of his third degree pin.

"So you think you know a thing or two about combat do you?" Sergeant Bamtrob said as he paced between the lines of Special Assault trainees.  "Well think again."

Despite his growing confidence in his abilities, Ruben couldn't totally surpress the flutter of nervousness at the sergeant's words.  When his CO said something was going to be difficult, it usually was... very difficult.

"For better or worse, you've all passed your first year of training and now the real work begins.  No more play-time.  You either pass, or you die.  In exactly 36 standard hours you will all be flown to the planet Gittern to begin your final two week survival test.  You'll receive a standard survival pack similar to what you would find in your ship should it crash in a hostile environment.

"Your objective, cadets, is to survive.  Gittern is an extremely hard environment.  The seasons change every 24 standard hours not to mention a few other fun surprises that I'm sure you'll discover.  This is not a youth camp, cadets.  This is military training.  Not every cadet has made it out alive.  But if you're smart and you remember your training you have a good chance.

"So I suggest you spend the next 36 hours resting.  You'll need it.  Dismissed."