Passepid Shield (Weapon)

Creators: Strozzi on the planet Kortholt

Description:  A weapon designed for a true warrior.  The Passepid is an energy shield that has the ability to change angles.  The actual device is a deceptively simple looking wristband that hides extremely complex circuitry.  Able to detect impact up to a millionth of a second before it occurs, the Passepid will automatically adjust to the optimum deflection angle.

Young strozzi warriors go through intensive training to master such a device.  The complete potential of this shield can only be unlocked if the wielder learns to work with the device rather than against it.

A few tuners have been seen wearing the Passepid.  But such sightings are rare since in order to acquire this device, the tuner would have to come to a trade agreement with the notoriously inhospitable strozzi. 

Survival Day 5 (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 18

Reuben could hear the roar of fast approaching rain close on his heels as he sprinted back to his cave.  His lungs burned as he tried to gulp down Gittern's thiner air.  Rain itself was not something Reuben was worried about.  But lightning storms and flash floods were definitely something to be afraid of.

By the time he reached his cave, the large droplets had already been pelting him with bruising force.  No wonder nothing but mushrooms could survive here.  He wasn't even sure he could survive here.  Sure, he had had basic wilderness training but all of that knowledge seemed useless when faced with the raw power of nature.

Perhaps that was the point?  To make him respect the elements?

Reuben shrunk back into his cave as a bolt of lightning struck the ground about 5 yards from the entrance.  Even with the downpour he could still see a few tendrils of smoke rising up.  The decision to retreat had been a smart one.

Pulling out his pistol, he blasted a few more holes in the ground to increase the size of his makeshift basin.  At least his water problem was solved for the time being.  He had been careful to ration out his food intake.  But he was going to be in trouble if this weather didn't let up soon....