First Steps (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 7

Calen Natari had completed her assignment by finding proof of Imperium presence.  But her most useful contribution was the report Gorg made her turn in on her findings.  Apparently Calen had sniffed around one of the cantinas in the slums.  She indicated that the bartender running the shop seemed to be connected to some sort of resistance movement.

I will start there.

Shawm is almost entirely covered in water.  And, as such, the natives are rightfully confident that invasion would be extremely difficult for air-breathing invaders.  But therein lay the problem.  Gorg's people had no standing army.  A fatal mistake in a galaxy filled with unrest.

If Gorg could somehow make contact with this bartender and earn the man's trust that would be a start.  He needed to know how large the resistance was and if their goals might be in line with his own.

Gorg glanced down at his trademark government uniform.  I'm going to need a disguise, though.