Paid for Services Rendered (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 7

Calen returned to the home of her employer two full days after her kill was completed.  She had wanted to make sure she had escaped cleanly.  She spent much of her time wandering the streets and eating in plain view in public eating facilities.  While the assassination was the number one topic of conversation, no one seemed to know that they were sitting next to the assassin herself.

The servant she had seen before answered the door.  He said nothing but merely handed her a data pad and closed the door.  Calen tapped through the data pad; it's only contents being a single address.

She found the address easily enough.  It appeared to be some sort of warehouse on the outside.  She walked in and saw her unnamed employer sitting there smoking something out of a pipe.

"Calen," he nodded in greeting.

"I've come for my reward," she commanded without preamble.  "No tricks or you'll end up like your target."

Her employer chuckled and puffed his pipe.  "Never fear.  There will be no tricks.  Your assassination was brilliant and I am grateful to you."

He motioned for her to follow and they walked deeper into the warehouse.  It was then that Calen finally noticed the lone occupant: a brand new Veolen fighter.

She inhaled in awe.  It looked sleek and fast.  It was black but she could see in certain angles there was a hint of dark blue to the coloring.  It was perfect.

"Do you like it?"

She nodded.  "It's perfect."

"It's yours.  This particular ship has been custom built.  It has more armor than your standard Veolen fighter but is still just as fast and maneuverable."

Calen walked over and ran her hand over the smooth contours of the ship.  "I'll call it Blue Sun to remind me of where I came from."

"Remember your first employer.  I will have need of you in the future."

Failures (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 5

Reuben Calloway stood stiffly at attention outside Sergent Vert's office.  His basic combat training was completed and every cadet was ordered to report in to get an individual progress report.

The door slid open and the cadet that had been ahead of Reuben marched out.

"NEXT!" Sergent Vert shouted from his office.

Reuben swallowed, schooled his expression, and marched in.  He saluted Sergent Vert.  "First Degree Cadet Calloway reporting in as ordered, sir!"

Sergent Vert returned the salute and then started to scan through a data pad.  "Cadet Calloway, your scores here have been less than exemplary.  You're not failing.  But you're not going to be impressing anyone soon."

"Yes, sir.  I am doing my best to keep up, sir.  I have found basic training to be quite challenging."

Sergent Vert looked Reuben directly in the eye.  "You're going to have to do better than your best, cadet. It's average soldiers like you that get killed first in combat.  Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir!"

"In a few days we'll begin Corp division tests where we will be determining which branch would best suit you.  Try a little harder to impress us."

Reuben felt a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead but his expression remained neutral.  He understood the sergent.  Find a useful skill or get sent straight into the the front lines.

Oboi Fighter/Submarine Hybrid (Ship)

Creators: Zelenca on the planet Shawm

Speed:  5
Armor:  4
Maneuverability:  8

Description:  Truly an engineering feat to behold.  The Oboi Starfighter can seamlessly switch between outer space and water.

This ship was designed to utilize the zelenca's unique ability to breathe in both air and water environments.  While flying above water or in space, the Oboi has an oxygen-based cabin for the single pilot it holds.  As soon as the ship enters the water, the systems switch over to allow water flow through the entire ship.

This feature allows the ship to move through various depth levels with ease since the cabin pressure can adjust quickly.  Essentially, this ship may go as deep underwater as the pilot is able to withstand.

Though lacking slightly in speed and armor, this highly versatile ship certainly gives the zelenca an edge in battle.

An Artful Murder (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 6

The intense blue sun disappeared below Rebec's horizon and with it the penetrating cold set in.  Calen paid it no heed.  Her defining moment would soon be here.  The moment where she would go from a nobody to someone who is feared.

The guests for her prey's dinner party were starting to arrive.  She would wait until they were all seated and settled.  She had quickly realized earlier that day that her escape would be the most difficult part.  A man of power and position would surely have a security team of some sort.  This theory had been confirmed when she noticed beings of various species pacing around strategic areas.

She decided that distraction would be her best bet.  A single shot from her C6 would be easy enough to track.  Any fool would be able to see the general angle from which she fired and fire back.  Unwilling to spoil her first job, she "found" herself two high-powered remote control turrets.  She imagined it would be at least a day before the owner noticed they were missing.

Calen had wired the turrets to fire from separate rooftops coming from different directions once she pulled the trigger on her C6.  Aim had not been a priority for the turrets.  Her own shot would, of course, be the kill shot.

The guests were digging into their first course with gusto.  Plenty of rebecan ale was being served it seemed.  Perfect.

Calen adjusted the scope to zero in on her target.  He was relaxed and talking to the guest on his left.  Totally unsuspecting.

Calen took in half a breath and held it to steady her hands.  She squeezed the trigger.

Both turrets fired at the same exact moment.  The result was exactly has she had planned.  Her target was slumped over in his meal dead and the guests where all screaming, looking around wildly from an assailant that had apparently fired from three different directions.

Calen secured her rifle and slipped into the shadows.  Her work here was done.  The public execution should be more than enough proof of her success for her employer.

Picolo Submarine (Ship)

Creators:  Humans on the planet Tabor

Speed: 8
Armor: 4
Maneuverability: 3

Description:  Designed specifically for the Special Assault Corp.  The Imperium prides itself on being able to handle attacks on any sort of terrain.  At least, that's what they publicly announce to the world.  In reality, the creation of unique terrain vehicles may hint at the Imperium's invasion plan.

The Picolo submarine is rather small in comparison to some of those created by the zelenca.  It requires a crew of four to operate efficiently.  The primary asset of this submarine being speed rather than power.  The designers did right in that the Picolo is certainly quick in the water.  However, it lacks the graceful agility of some of the competitors in its class.  A design flaw that could be fatal in the end.