Tuner (Profession)

Description:  The Tuning System is based on the principle that everything in the universe has its own natural vibration.  With training and discipline a being can learn to harness this power and control their body's vibrations.  Those that have mastered this skill are called tuners.

By controlling their own body's vibrations a tuner may, therefore, control the objects around them.  The limitations of this power are solely hinged upon the tuner's own knowledge and creativity.  In order to control a substance, the tuner must know both the properties of the substance and what it naturally vibrates to.

Though true master tuners are rare, they may be found in every walk of life.  In learning to master this art, tuners are taught a code of ethics.  However, it seems that the ethics are more concerned with uses of power than whatever government rules happen to be in place at the time.

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