Shofar (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium

Native Race:  Telema

Main Weapon Produced:  Ei Hand Cannon

Main Ship Produced:  Dohol Super Battleship

Description:  Shofar has an unusual orbit path.  The planet swings dangerously close to its neighborhood star for several standard months and then it travels some distance away before coming back around toward the star again.  One complete loop takes many standard Taborian years.

This results in interesting climatic and gravity changes.  When closest to its sun, Shofar experiences heats extreme enough to decimate most (but not all) life.  The planet becomes volcanic.  As it travels away from the sun the climate becomes more temperate and the volcanic activity coupled with heavy rains makes the ground fertile.  As Shofar reaches the pinnacle of its orbit everything, including the natives, goes into hibernation in order to withstand the frozen months furthest away from its sun.