Playing the Game (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 1

To an outsider the stares Councilor Gorg Chum was receiving would have been unreadable.  Though many of his species found the nickname "fish face" to be derogatory, he couldn't help but admit to himself that the description was apt.  Zelenca did share many similar features with their less evolved brethren.  Plus, unblinking, virtually expressionless stares certainly gave him an edge as a politican.  At least it did when he was talking to other species.

But in this case he was conversing with his own species.  He would have to tread carefully and think two moves ahead if he was to win this game.

"Fellow council members, as always I respect the general public's decisions.  To go against this would be to ruin the very foundation of our government.  My proposal is to merely make the public more aware of the threat.  Let the people decide."

The members of the board assigned to listen to his case murmured to each other.  Councilor Chum could feel the general disapproval.  Zelenca still retained evolutionary remnants of a group sense.  Scientists believed it originated from the days when they really did look like fish and had to swim in large schools.

"Councilor Chum, you are a very well respected member of our government.  We have no doubt that the threat you say the Imperium presents is real.  However, the public has already voted to not take any action.  This board feels that having them vote again will make no difference.  Your time would be best spent with... other projects."

The feeling of disapproval intensified.  If the board member had been less seasoned, Gorg was certain there would have been a hint of mockery.  A tingling in the back of his skull encouraged him to follow this group's decision.  To become one again with the group's direction.  But he ignored it.  This was too important.

Basic Training (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 4

Basic training was tough.  Much harder than Reuben could have even imagined.  He was constantly tired and hungry.  Every day was a grueling schedule of exercise, classes, more exercise, drills, more classes, and more drills.  The armor he wore had become a second skin.  It almost felt more strange having it off rather than on.

"It is not your job to think!" Sergeant Kon had yelled at the cadets on the first day of basic.  "It is your job to learn and obey."

Reuben had thought that a bit strict at the time but now, after a month of training, thinking was the last thing on his list.  It was all he could do to keep up with the other cadets.  Every single one of them seemed to be more suited to this job than him.

He wasn't especially athletic.  His skill with the rifle seemed to be average at best.   He really struggled with zero-gravity drills and formation marching.  One of the other cadets had already received a second degree promotion and was put in charge of the other cadets when the sergeants weren't around.

At least he had decent marks in all of his classes.  So he may not be able to actually hit any of them but he would know which alien species was attacking him when they charged at his squad.

Tubo Battleship (Ship)

Creators:  Zelenca on the planet Shawm

Speed:  5
Armor:  7
Maneuverability:  4

Description:  The Tubo battleship is one of the most advanced in the galaxy.  Centuries of perfecting submarine technology gave the zelenca a head start when it came time to explore space.

The Tubo battleship can fit a modest crew of 200 plus a complement of 30 starfighters.  Though zelenca can breathe both air and water, this battleship's atmosphere is comprised of air for practical purposes.  A water filled vessel simply weighs too much in order to land and take off from planets.

The zelenca have fully explored the considerable depths of their ocean covered planet.  In order to do so they had to develop hulls on their aquatic vessels that could withstand the pressure and could move efficiently through the water.

This extra thick plating is applied to the Tubo battleship making it extremely difficult to breach during skirmishes.  To top it off, the zelenca applied their knowledge of hydrodynamics to the design.  Many of the angles on the Tubo battleship are made in such a way that they actually deflect energy bolts fired at it.

Studying The Kill (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 5

Much of what determined a successful hunt was how well the hunter knows the prey.  This concept had been drilled into Calen Natari since birth.  Whether or not her tribe would eat depended on her ability to wait and watch.

She had followed the coordinates on the handwritten map to the circled building.  It was a large private residence.  The data pad that she had first been handed had contained a variety of general articles about a particular politician.  There were several pictures of him but everything else was extremely general.  The kind of data pad that could be easily explained if she was caught.

The location she had been sent to was the home of this politician.  She had been watching his comings and goings through the scope of her rifle since dawn.  There had been numerous occasions where she could have killed him with ease as he sat working at a desk near a window.  But Calen had been watching the rest of the house as well.

She had noticed on the top floor there was a large dining area.  The servants had been decorating it for several hours now.  Calen didn't know a whole lot about the life of the wealthy politician but she knew enough to realize that this man was going to have a large social function this evening.

The meaning on the note had become clear in her mind.  Her employer didn't just want this man dead.  He wanted an example made of his death.  He wanted his rival killed in front of his supporters as they sat around enjoying their success.

It would make her job much more difficult.  But she noted with surprise that the request strongly appealed to her ego.  This would not be some crude killing.  This would be an artful assassination.