Infiltration (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 11

As an air breathing scarlati, this underwater city was not going to be the most hospitable of environments.  But if there was one thing being a desert nomad had instilled in Calen it was survival instincts.  And she knew if she was going to survive, she was going to have to quickly adapt to her surroundings.

Activating her cloaking device, her first order of business was going to have to be to figure out where she was going to hole up for the foreseeable future.  This mission would require deep penetration into the spy network on Shawm.  Certainly a daunting task.

Her environmental suit help her propel through the water as she pushed off from the parking dock.  She headed for what appeared to be a cantina of sorts.  It was as good a place as any to start.  Local watering holes were fertile grounds for gossip.

She slipped in, careful not to touch anyone so they weren't alerted to her presence.  One thing that would definitely take some getting used to on this planet was the potential of having to move up and down.  The cantina tables were spread out so there were a few floating above and below Calen.  This was going to make observation more difficult since there would be no possibility of watching the whole room from a single vantage point.

Choosing an abandoned corner, she decided to position herself in a way that would allow her to observe the bartender.  It was Calen's experience that bartenders usually knew more than they let on.  Also, the patrons would probably venture back every so often for more drinks.

Calen stayed in her corner until closing time, carefully watching the comings and goings of the customers with a trained eye.  The establishment was clearly busy but she saw nothing out of the ordinary except for the occasional private conversation with the bartender.

She had a feeling that her hunch was correct about the bartender.  At the very least he could maybe be persuaded to part with some food and supplies.

This evening he was going to receive an unexpected visitor at his home.

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