V7 Rifle (Weapon)

Creators:  Humans on the planet Tabor.

Power:  6
Range:  6
Accuracy:  3

Description:  A standard issue medium-ranged rifle given to all Taborian soldiers during their mandatory years of service.  The V7 rifle has decent power and range but lacks the accuracy of some of its more refined counterparts.  But, when Taborian soldiers arrive by the thousands, the sheer amount of firepower usually compensates for one or two missed shots.

Cillo Fighter (Ship)

Creators:  Humans on the planet Tabor.

Speed:  5
Armor:  9
Maneuverability:  2

Description:  Heavily shielded, heavily armed, the Cillo fighter would be almost unstoppable if it could maneuver.  Though jokes are frequently made about moving as quick as a Cillo fighter, few pilots laugh when they actually face them.

The Cillo fighter is a two-man ship: one pilot, one gunner.  Swiveling cannons covering the ship ensure that this fighter has no blind spots when it comes to firing.  While the pilot is somewhat limited in the fancy moves he can pull, the gunner may be a creative as he wishes with a large arsenal of torpedoes at his disposal.  When the Imperium sends a fleet of Cillo fighters to conquer a planet, it is no joking matter.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

Human (Race)

Home Planet:  Tabor

Affiliation:  Imperium

Description:  Centuries of feuding finally became resolved when the humans united under one central government called the Imperium.  The Imperium was established in an effort to govern the new planets humans had set out to colonize.

Though biologically inferior to some other races, humans are extremely creative which has lead to impressive technological development.  This technological dominance has encouraged other planets and races to join the Imperium for protection.  In order to protect the growing empire, the Imperium requires every able individual to serve as a soldier for five Taborian years.

This system of military servitude has worked for the most part and has encouraged the humans to become slightly more aggressive in their pursuit of adding new planets to the Imperium.   The humans tend to be very proud of their accomplishments.  Other races not part of the Imperium are starting to worry about galactic stability.

Tabor (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium - capital

Native Race:  Human

Main Weapons Produced:  V7 Rifle, Saraband Cloaking Device

Main Ships Produced:  Cillo Fighter, Picolo Submarine

Description:  The Imperium's capital and the original human homeworld.  A lush, green planet with an abundance of natural resources that allowed the human race to thrive over the centuries.  The Imperium was founded as a centralized government once the first humans set out to colonize other planets.

Experiencing an era of unprecedented cultural and technological advances, the government decided it would be best to try and share this progress with other races... whether they liked it or not....

Different Path (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 2

The city was enormous.  Bigger than anything she had ever seen.  Her tribe lived mostly in tents made of animal skin.  In the cold season they would have makeshift mud huts.

But this...

This was beyond anything she could have imagined.  There were beings everywhere.  Merchants lined the street selling goods.  Crowds flowed through the street like blood through veins.

Where should she even begin?  Who should she talk to about the invaders she had found?

Calen shifted her pack slightly to a more comfortable spot.  The blood had already drained from the severed heads of the Imperium soldiers that she had killed.  Still, they were heavy.  Taking a calming breath she decided to trust The Spirits to guide her and pushed her way forward in the crowd.

She wandered for what seemed like an hour.  The streets grew more crowded.  Calen started to look around for a place where she might rest when a voice cut through all the noise to address her: "Where are you headed, young one?"

She turned and saw an older scarlati sitting at what looked to be like some sort of food establishment.  She walked over to him.  "My name is Calen Natari.  I come from a tribe two days journey from here.  I would like to talk to the leader of this place."

The old stranger chuckled.

"You mock me?"

He sobered.  "No.  There is just much debate late as to who is really in charge.  But I bore you.  Why do you wish to find the leader?"

Calen hesitated a moment.  Why should she trust this stranger?  She shouldn't, but at least it was a starting place.  Perhaps The Spirits led him to her.  "I have evidence that the Imperium may be scouting out our planet and possibly invade."

"What evidence?"

She dropped her pack onto the table with a thunk and opened it for the man.

He viewed the contents without so much as a flinch.  "This is serious," he observed."

"I thought so."

"You killed these soldiers?"

"I did."

"By yourself?"

"Yes."  She found his tone to be slightly insulting.

"Leave the evidence with me.  I will see it reaches the proper hands."

"Why should I trust you?"

"You shouldn't.  But I am a person of.... influence... on this planet.  Besides, who else would you go to?"

Calen conceded the point with a shrug.  "I will give you the evidence.  But I will need a reward."

"What kind of reward were you thinking?"

"A ship.  I want the freedom to leave this planet.  The Spirits have told me in a dream I am destined for greater things."

The stranger looked at her for long moments; as if he were measuring her.  He seemed to come to a decision.  "The Spirits may be right in this case.  I'll give you a ship.  I'll even give you a job, if you choose to take it.  A job that will most certainly take your life down a different path."

"What job?"

"I want you to kill someone for me."

Merchant (Profession)

Description:  Buy low and sell high is the golden rule.  Merchants may be found on almost every planet.  The larger a city gets, the more necessary they become.  You can buy almost any supply you need from a merchant, but honesty seems to be the rarest commodity.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

Soldier (Profession)

Description:  A noble yet lowly profession.  Soldiers are usually simple beings used to taking orders and not arguing with their superiors.  A good government knows that an army of soldiers is the best way to stay in charge.

Assassin (Profession)

Description:  Unlike a bounty hunter, an assassin often works more for personal pride rather than profit.  Ruthless and cunning, they are entirely focused on making the kill; no odd errands or body guard jobs.  Though most have their own views on how the universe should be run, they tend to keep these views to themselves.  An assassin that chooses to take sides is as good as dead.

Hunt With Purpose (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 1

Calen took a steadying breath.  The sun beat down overhead but she barely noticed.  Her species did not sweat.  Scarlati had internal organs that regulated body temperature.  This made her ideal when hunting prey in the desert.

She took another breath.

She had been waiting for hours, studying her prey; watching their patterns.  Her tribe was small but they were skilled in what they do.  She remembered her breathing meditation exercises to help focus and rejuvenate her mind.  Much depended on this kill.

She had been trained since youth on how to help contribute to the tribe.  Her kills provided food and resources for everyone else.

But Calen knew that this kill would be different.  This would be the one that she would take and present to the leaders in the big city.

And they would reward her.  The reward would be large enough to buy a ship.  Any ship, it didn't matter.  She wanted to be away from this planet.  Rebec would always feel like home, but she was intended for greater things.  The Spirits had told her so in a dream.

She would be feared.

She would be respected.

She would no longer be a nobody that was part of a nothing tribe.

Night came and the temperature dropped rapidly.  Again, Calen took no notice.  Her prey began to fall asleep. This was what she had been waiting for.  Of course they would react after the first shot.  But picking them off while they slept would ensure her kill.  She remembered what her elders had taught her: never make a shot unless you're sure it will kill.  You should already see how they will die in your mind.

Four of the group of five fell asleep.  One stood guard.  Calen silently unstrapped her C6 sniper rifle.  The rifle had been a gift from her parents when had reached the age of maturity; the age old enough to hunt on her own.

She adjusted her scope and watched the guard through it.  She inhaled slightly and held her breath to steady her shot.

Calen squeezed the trigger.

The rifle made almost no sound as it fired off.  The Imperium soldier standing guard fell dead to the ground with a hole smoking through his chest.

Calen smiled grimly.

The others won't even have a chance.

Veolen Fighter (Ship)

Creators:  Scarlati on the planet Rebec

Speed:  7
Armor:  3
Maneuverability:  7

Description:  Fast and agile, the Veolen fighter was originally designed for planet use only and then later changed for outer space flight.  This small ship has minimal shielding to help reduce weight and increase maneuverability.  It sports two primary front-facing canons and extremely accurate targeting systems.  Perfect for hit-and-run situations but not the type of ship you'd want to attack the Imperium head-on with.

Scarlati (Race)

Home Planet:  Rebec

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Description:  A race toughened by nomadic desert hardships.  Humanoid in form.  They have no hair on their bodies, only thick lizard-like skin that looses very little moisture when out in the sun.  Experts have speculated that the original Scarlati ancestors may have been cold-blooded, similar to your average reptile, and then later became warm-blooded to allow for nighttime activity.

Deeply spiritual, the scarlati largely exist in separate nomadic tribes that are fiercely loyal to their own.  This has naturally lead to some civil wars.  A few of the more powerful tribes have managed to create permanent cities.  Though the tribes frequently feud, one thing the entire race seems to agree on is that they have no love for the Imperium.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

C6 Sniper Rifle (Weapon)

Creators:  Scarlati on the planet Rebec

Power:  4
Range:  8
Accuracy:  9

Description:  One of the few truly impressive technological feats to be produced by the Scarlati.  The C6 sniper rifle has been perfected by a millennia of hunting ferocious desert animals and is now the perferred choice for most professional assassins.

The C6 sniper rifle is both sleek and lightweight which allows for quick getaways once the kill has been made.  Though the rifle takes a few seconds to recharge between shots, a single shot is really all one should need.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

Rebec (Planet)

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Native Race:  Scarlati

Main Weapon Produced:  C6 Sniper Rifle

Main Ship Produced:  Veolen Fighter

Description:  An arid planet with not much going for it other than rough desert beauty.  The planet closely circles a hot blue sun making crop growing on the surface a next to impossible task.  Most of the native Scarlati are nomadic.  A few of the more powerful tribes have managed to establish a handful of permanent cities allowing for technological advances.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman