The Bartender's Daughter (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 10

Gorg snapped his attention back to the present but found himself unable to form the words at first.  The female before him had beautiful coloring and practically oozed with pheromones.  How she had not yet managed to stir up the entire cantina into a mating frenzy was beyond his understanding.

"My father owns this place," she explained, as if reading his thoughts.

"You know your father?"

She shrugged.  "My birth mother died protecting her eggs from a predator.  Most of them didn't survive the attack.  I guess he felt a little protective of me after that."

"How peculiar."

"My father is a peculiar guy."  She inched closer.  "Now what can I get you?"

"I..." Gorg hesitated.  He was going to have to be very careful about what he said and who he said things to from here on out.  "I heard that your... your father was... umm.... peculiar..."

Zelenca were not normally known for having expressive features but right now the young female was giving him a decidedly skeptical look.

This isn't going anywhere.

Mustering up what little was left of his courage Gorg blurted out, "I need to speak to your father."


"He and I... have similar goals for Shawm."

The female's hard stare remained unbroken but Gorg got the feeling that she was now trying to measure him up.  "And what goals would those be?"

"I... I believe that he and I... would like to see Shawm continue as an independent planet."

"You're clearly not from the deep waters.  Why should we trust you?"

"Because I have everything to lose by being here.  If they find out..."

The stare continued but the female relaxed ever so slightly.  "Very well.  We shall hear what you have to say.  But be warned: I'm not just a pretty face that serves refreshments."

I have no doubt about that.

Dohol Super Battleship (Ship)

Creators:  Telma on the planet Shofar

Speed:  9/4
Armor: 2/7
Maneuverability: 4/3

The Dohol super battleship is as extreme as its creators, making it a formidable presence.  It is twice as large as most standard battleships and can host an entire battalion of ground soldiers.

But the size alone is not what makes the Dohol impressive.  This super battleship has two modes that can be switched with the press of a button.  This ship has the ability to transform some of its armor plating into additional engine systems, allowing it to arrive at any battlefield in record time.  As soon as it arrives those additional engines may switch back into armor plating, allowing the battleship to stand its ground and provide squadron support.

Must like the telma themselves, the Imperium hasn't quite figured out what to make of this ship.    

Designer (Profession)

Description: With increased friction between the Imperium and the Rebellion it is no wonder that the demand for specialized assets has become so high.  Wether he is working on a new ship or weapon, a designer is always striving to push technology to its limits.  In more peaceful times designers might have been considered little more than eccentric artists.  Now their creations might serve as a tipping point in the balance of power. 

Tempered Flight (Extended Adventure)

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Book 2 of the Calen Natari Saga

Another scrape with Imperium patrols has forced Calen Natari into hiding on the exotic and highly dangerous planet Zink. Born a desert nomad, the confinement is intolerable for Calen but necessary if she wants to stay out of an Imperium prison.

While biding her time, she encounters a man who offers to help her with her less-than-impressive piloting skills. But it seems that this man is no ordinary teacher...

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 8,000 words.

Questionable Cantina (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 9

The cantina--not-so-cleverly named "The Water Hole"--was thriving with life.  Gorg wasn't so sure why this took him by surprise.  He must have assumed that the poor would have better things to spend their quaves on but from the looks of things this place was the spending destination of choices.  The tables were generously spread throughout the establishment but every square inch in between was occupied by every manner of rough-looking individual.

A sharp bone from someone's body connected directly with Gorg's sternum so hard it launched him back several yards into a pack of large, imposing individuals.  "Watch it!" One of them snapped at Gorg as he shoved Gorg back in the direction he came from.

"Sorry," Gorg muttered to himself.  More and more he was thinking that this might have been a bad idea.  Now was the time he could still turn back and it wouldn't be too late.  As of yet he had not committed any crimes against his government.  He could go back home now to his comfortable home and comfortable job and no one would be the wiser.

No.  If I turn back now there will be no home to go back to eventually.

Well, that wasn't entirely true, his more cowardly half reasoned.  Your home would simply be under Imperium jurisdiction.  And you would probably be able to keep your job.

Snared in the grips of indecision, Gorg did not even notice the breathtakingly beautiful female until she asked with a smile, "You look a bit lost.  Can I get you anything?"

The Uxel Herum Saga Omnibus Edition (Extended Adventure)

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The Omnibus Edition contains books 1-5 of Uxel Herum's journey.

Orphaned at an early age, Uxel has managed to survive for years on nothing but her wits and cunning. But her difficult childhood has left her craving for power and wealth. When offered the chance to join an ancient order of elite warriors she jumps at the chance, thinking the opportunity an end to her problems and a chance to gain that which she desires most.

Join Uxel on her journey of a lifetime as she encounters strange races and travels to planets that put all of her beliefs to the test.

This collection of young adult science fiction novelettes is approximately 57,000 words.

The Slums (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 8

Gorg Chum eyed his surroundings warily as he steered his small, one-man submarine through the dark channels of water.  He had lived on Shawm for all of his life but never once had he ventured this far into the slums.

Up until now he had never had a need.

His had been a privileged upbringing.  As a youth he had been given the finest education Shawm had to offer.  His birth mother was an important figure with good connections.  Gorg had slipped into the higher political levels as easily as he had slipped into the water as a fingerling.

Advocating jobs for the poorer classes and actually visiting said poorer classes were two entirely separate things in Gorg's mind.

The temperature in the submarine dropped as he plunged further and further into the deeper, less hospitable waters.  The general lack of sunshine made food and resources scarce in this area and, therefore, cheaper to live.

Gorg shivered as he adjusted the sub's heading toward the main stretch of caves and dwellings.  His shiver had nothing to do with the cold.  For the first time in his life he felt completely out of his league.  Deciding to swim smack in the middle of the resistance had seemed like a good idea from the comfort of his own office.  But now he wasn't so sure.