First Steps (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 7

Calen Natari had completed her assignment by finding proof of Imperium presence.  But her most useful contribution was the report Gorg made her turn in on her findings.  Apparently Calen had sniffed around one of the cantinas in the slums.  She indicated that the bartender running the shop seemed to be connected to some sort of resistance movement.

I will start there.

Shawm is almost entirely covered in water.  And, as such, the natives are rightfully confident that invasion would be extremely difficult for air-breathing invaders.  But therein lay the problem.  Gorg's people had no standing army.  A fatal mistake in a galaxy filled with unrest.

If Gorg could somehow make contact with this bartender and earn the man's trust that would be a start.  He needed to know how large the resistance was and if their goals might be in line with his own.

Gorg glanced down at his trademark government uniform.  I'm going to need a disguise, though.

Awakening: The Uxel Herum Saga (Extended Adventure)

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Book 5 of the Uxel Herum Saga

Everything Uxel Herum thought she knew about her past was a lie and her very identity has been put into question. Uxel must now face her final test in order to become a full-fledged tuner.  Running away is no longer an option.

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 11,600 words.

Considerations (Adventure) - Gorg Chum Saga 6

"Your argument is strong. But peace requires trust. If we start to prepare for war, it would surely incite the Imperium to do the same. No, we must do nothing."

That was the council's verdict. Gorg Chum was back in his office staring at nothing as he was wont to do when in deep thought.  

Zelencan rooms were not like what one might see on a plant with land-based creatures.  Zelenca were just as comfortable in the water as they were out.  The rooms they built on their native planet did not have what humans would call an "up" or "down."

Gorg floated about the room aimlessly.  The Imperium was here.  Calen Natari had proven as much.

No, we must do nothing...

The council's verdict bothered him.  Gorg was not one to do nothing.  He was a zelenca and part of the collective whole.  His very nature compelled him to follow their school of thought.

What the council decided was wrong.  

This fact was blindingly clear to Gorg.  And this feeling that he was right was stronger than his need to conform.  But such thoughts were dangerous.

I will have to commit treason.

Ei Hand Cannon (Weapon)

Creators:  Telema on the planet Shofar

Power:  11
Range:  2
Accuracy:  3

Description:  The Ei hand cannon is the most powerful handheld weapon ever made in recorded history.  It is no wonder considering that its creators have an outer skin layer that is impervious to most other types of gunfire.  This weapon doesn't come cheap.  But with blasting power capable of blowing a hole through a solid metal wall, nothing gets in the way of the Ei.


Home Planet:  Shofar

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Description:  Such a unique planet requires a unique type of creature in order to survive on its surface.  The stubborn telema are the result of billions of years of vicious evolution.  The species has naturally armored skin that allows them to handle the dramatic changes in temperature and gravity.  Their outer armor layers also serve as a regulator for heat and cold loss.

In calling such a planet home the telema are a hardy species.  They require very little nourishment to survive, sleep only a few standard minutes at a time and their skin is impervious to most gunfire.  Their only real vulnerability seems to be a need to go into hibernation every few years even while living away from their homeworld.

Glory: The Uxel Herum Saga (Extended Adventure)

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Book 4 of the Uxel Herum Saga

Uxel Herum's plan to infiltrate the Imperium capital world quickly begins to go awry. While she initially hoped to act as a spy for the strozzi she is now little more than a glorified prisoner. Will she be able to complete her mission... alive?

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 10,100 words.

Shofar (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium

Native Race:  Telema

Main Weapon Produced:  Ei Hand Cannon

Main Ship Produced:  Dohol Super Battleship

Description:  Shofar has an unusual orbit path.  The planet swings dangerously close to its neighborhood star for several standard months and then it travels some distance away before coming back around toward the star again.  One complete loop takes many standard Taborian years.

This results in interesting climatic and gravity changes.  When closest to its sun, Shofar experiences heats extreme enough to decimate most (but not all) life.  The planet becomes volcanic.  As it travels away from the sun the climate becomes more temperate and the volcanic activity coupled with heavy rains makes the ground fertile.  As Shofar reaches the pinnacle of its orbit everything, including the natives, goes into hibernation in order to withstand the frozen months furthest away from its sun.

Worth the Risk: The Calen Natari Saga (Extended Adventure)

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Book 1 of the Calen Natari Saga

The assassin profession is proving to be more difficult than Calen anticipated. Not exactly overwhelmed with job requests, Calen is forced to land on a nearby planet to repair her badly damaged ship.

A stranger she runs into at the local cantina may be the solution to her problems. He lost his honor but is rich enough to pay Calen to help him regain it. All she has to do is risk her life...

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 7,500 words.

Tringle Tank (Ship)

Creators: Humans on the planet Tabor

Speed: 4
Armor: 9
Maneuverability: 3

Description:  Designed by the humans for one purpose: conquering.  The Tringle tank requires a crew of six to operate at peak efficiency.  There are two pilots and four gunners.  The number of gunner hutches compensates for the overall lack of maneuverability.  The Tingle tank is most often used in offensive action but is also large enough to act as a troop transport for a single squad of soldiers.

Exchange: The Uxel Herum Saga (Extended Adventure)

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Book 3 of the Uxel Herum Saga

After training on Kortholt for more than two years, Uxel Herum is turning into a powerful tuner. The leader of her adopted clan has a mission for her that, strangely enough, will not only test her skills as a tuner but a merchant as well.

Unsure of how she feels being thrown back into her old life, Uxel finds herself in the thick of black market trading on the planet Zink. While trying to gather information about Imperium invasion plans she is thrown into a rather interesting situation. One that could make her money than she ever dreamed...

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 10,500 words.

The Tuning System (Extended Description)

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A descriptive overview of the Tuning System and the abilities of those that wield this power in the Muzik Chronicles universe.

This particular ebook is a background explanation for adventures that take place on and is approximately 1,000 words/four pages in length.

Loure Immobilizer (Weapon)

Creators:  Weiss on the planet Dulcian

Power:  10
Range:  1
Accuracy:  9

Description:  As a method of administering poison into victims, the Loure immobilizer is a tribute to its serpent-like creators.  This weapon is a wrist device equipped with a needle capable of a super fast injection.  The needle is capable of penetrating the epidermis so quickly that most victims don't even feel the attack.

The level of poison issued may be adjusted.  At the highest setting the victim will be dead before he hits the ground.  The only real drawback to the Loure immobilizer is that the the user is limited to the range of the needle, a small concession to make if this weapon is used by a skilled and stealthy individual.

Fugitive: The Uxel Herum Saga (Extended Adventure)

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Book 2 of the Uxel Herum Saga

Fearing retribution, Uxel Herum flees Gemshorn. Her escape is short lived when her ship malfunctions and she crashes to the surface of a neighboring planet, leaving her completely stranded.

While trying to explore her new surroundings Uxel is captured by the natives who are as formidable as they are fearsome. Their leader offers Uxel a chance to prove her skills, provided Uxel has any skills worth proving...

This young adult science fiction novelette is approximately 12,300 words.

Weiss (Race)

Home Planet:  Dulcian

Affiliation:  Imperium

Description:  The serpent-like weiss are something of a peculiarity.  They seem to prefer existing alone for the most part, gathering together only for ritualistic meetings at certain points during the year.  Mating takes place at these gatherings along with any crucial planetary decisions that need to be made.

It is because of this solitary way of life that they decided, as a race, to willingly join the Imperium.  The political unrest of the galaxy is such that they felt it reasonable to take sides with the apparent power.  The weiss have not bothered with developing their space ships past a very rudimentary and they have no standing army.  By allowing the Imperium to occupy their planet, both problems are solved.

Lacking legs, weiss slither like their less evolved cousins.  Their upper half does have a a vaguely humanoid appearance.  On average they only live forty standard years.  But, strangely enough, they seem to possess a wisdom beyond normal sentient beings.  The few studies they have consented to partaking in have shown that weiss see everything eight times faster than the average human.  Which means that through their eyes they experience what humans would consider to be 320 years of life.

The Imperium vs. The Rebellion (Extended Description)

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A general overview of the two major warring forces in the Muzik Chronicles universe.

This particular ebook is a background explanation for adventures that take place on and is approximately 1,000 words/four pages in length.

Dulcian (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium

Native Race:  Weiss

Main Weapon Produced:  Loure Immobilizer

Main Ship Produced:  None

Description:  The entire surface of this planet is covered by grassy plains and large rock formations. The source of the rock formations continues to puzzle scientists since they do not seem to result from the planet's plates being pushed together.  Rather, these rocks appear to have been a result of some sort of meteor-like body breaking apart and littering the surface.

There are no natural bodies of water other than small lakes formed from underground springs.  The weather never gets cold enough to snow but spring is marked by violent lightning storms that take place over the entire planet.