Gemshorn (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium

Native Race:  Ramea

Main Weapon Produced:  Edim Rifle

Main Ship Produced:  Biss Fighter

Description:  Essentially a gigantic rock. The most notable feature about Gemshorn is the distinct lack of vegetation and terrain life.   Termal vents found beneath the crust have allow allowed gases from the core to escape and form a subterranean atmosphere in the caves formed by volcanic eruptions.

While generally avoided by tourists, Gemshorn is one of the top producers of raw metals for the Imperium.  The entire crust of the planet contains the crucial materials used for ship and weapon construction.  The rameans must be careful when mining, however.  If too many holes are made through the crust, the stability of their atmosphere could be compromised as gases escape into space.

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