Human (Race)

Home Planet:  Tabor

Affiliation:  Imperium

Description:  Centuries of feuding finally became resolved when the humans united under one central government called the Imperium.  The Imperium was established in an effort to govern the new planets humans had set out to colonize.

Though biologically inferior to some other races, humans are extremely creative which has lead to impressive technological development.  This technological dominance has encouraged other planets and races to join the Imperium for protection.  In order to protect the growing empire, the Imperium requires every able individual to serve as a soldier for five Taborian years.

This system of military servitude has worked for the most part and has encouraged the humans to become slightly more aggressive in their pursuit of adding new planets to the Imperium.   The humans tend to be very proud of their accomplishments.  Other races not part of the Imperium are starting to worry about galactic stability.

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