Zelenca (Race)

Home Planet:  Shawm

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Description:  At first glance, the zelenca have obvious aquatic origins.  Their entire bodies are coated with blue-green scales, their mouths are never quite closed and their feet and hands are webbed.  Though zelenca are bipedal, they still retain their ability to move through water efficiently.  When swimming, a thin membrane fuses their legs together forming a single caudal fin.

Zelenca are able to breathe both air and water though they prefer to live under the ocean surface rather than above it.  They are more or less a peaceful race due to the fact that they posses an extra sense when they work together in groups.  This allows them to wordlessly communicate in an almost telepathic manner.

Though the zelenca are peaceful, they are hardly defenseless.  The zelenca have become famous for creating some of the most technologically advanced battleships.  The Imperium would be willing to risk quite a bit to discover some of their creating techniques.

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