Shawm (Planet)

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Native Race:  Zelenca

Main Weapons Produced:  Fm ii Pistol, Menut Enviromental Suit

Main Ship Produced:  Tubo Battleship

Description:  Shawm is almost entirely covered with water.  A few scattered islands contain enough resources on them to have encouraged the otherwise water-dwelling Zelenca to evolve a set of oxygen breathing lungs.

Though few have ever been able to visit the underwater civilization, it is reported to be exotically beautiful.  The Zelenca are more or less a peaceful race.  Their entire government is run democratically.  Much of the submarine technology they have developed has been applied to their outer space ships.  This has resulted in one of the galaxy's most impressive battleships.

Since the planet's environment is generally inhospitable for air breathers, Shawm is one place the Imperium truly sees as a threat toward their plans for expansion.  This planet could be the key to the Rebellion's victory.

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