Saraband Cloaking Device (Weapon)

Creators:  Humans on Tabor

Description:  Cloaking technology is still very much in its infancy.  This particular device is only issued to soldiers on delicate missions in the Special Assault Corp as they are far too expensive for the average grunt.  The Saraband is a wristband but it could, in theory, attach to almost any limb.  It detects the surrounding light levels and reflects them before the rays have a chance to hit the wearer.

It is far from perfect, however.  This device works on a charge and must work harder where there is more light to reflect.  Therefore, nighttime use is recommended.  The Saraband also only makes the wearer visually invisible.  So one must take care to avoid those with excellent senses of smell or hearing.

The Imperium is very protective of the Saraband for obvious reasons.  Only trusted soldiers with solid service records are allowed to use them.  There have been rumors, however, that somehow a few of these devices have disappeared and are now on the black market.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

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