Scouting the Situation (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 11

Shawm's ocean depths hummed with life and activity.  Schools of fish swam by and underwater plants danced with the current.  Occasionally Calen noticed a distant, hulking shape and she tightened her grip on the Oboi's controls, preferring not to think about what the creature could be.

But soon all thoughts of the unknown threat left as she took in her first view of a zelenca city.  It was much larger than she had expected.  She was well aware that the zelenca were politically respected but the rumors of their military might were based solely on speculation.

Calen was not one to pick sides.  But she realized now that the Imperium vastly underestimated these zelenca.  This highly advanced city was no "fish tank" as she had heard many Imperium soldiers crudely term it.  If it was any indication of what the other cities on Shawm were like... they would be a force to be reckoned with.

Not wanting to attract attention to herself she nudged the Oboi into what seemed to be the main flow of traffic.  Calen flipped a switch to turn on the sun reflectors, hoping it would more or less cover her face from curious onlookers piloting by.  This planet, for obvious reasons, did not have a lot of tourists.  The presence of a non-zelenca would certainly be noted.

Most of the dwellings were made out of the natural surroundings.  Calen was vaguely reminded of the coral reefs she had seen holo pictures of on data pads when she was young.  Only this was exponentially larger than anything she had seen before in pictures.

Following the coordinates on her nav-screen Calen noted that the portion of the city she was piloting through was looking less and less glamorous.  The dwellings were not quite so well-maintained and there was less sunlight.

Calen pulled her Oboi to a halt on what seemed to be a long abandoned docking station.  Upon looking around she realized grimly that the councilor had led her to the slums; the underbelly of this thriving metropolis.  The type of area where life was cheap and a being could disappear for the right price.


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