Oboi Fighter/Submarine Hybrid (Ship)

Creators: Zelenca on the planet Shawm

Speed:  5
Armor:  4
Maneuverability:  8

Description:  Truly an engineering feat to behold.  The Oboi Starfighter can seamlessly switch between outer space and water.

This ship was designed to utilize the zelenca's unique ability to breathe in both air and water environments.  While flying above water or in space, the Oboi has an oxygen-based cabin for the single pilot it holds.  As soon as the ship enters the water, the systems switch over to allow water flow through the entire ship.

This feature allows the ship to move through various depth levels with ease since the cabin pressure can adjust quickly.  Essentially, this ship may go as deep underwater as the pilot is able to withstand.

Though lacking slightly in speed and armor, this highly versatile ship certainly gives the zelenca an edge in battle.

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