Nothing to See Here (Adventure) Uxel Herum Saga 3

"Fine fruits, yes, very fine," Uxel chirped at the passersby.  "The best on Corna!  Best flavor, best price!"

Every so often a being would stop and make a show of examining the exotic fruit.  Occasionally they would buy.  Normally Uxel reveled in selling the fruit she gathered every morning at such a high price. But today she was distracted.

Today she was scouting for a very special kind of potential buyer.

A few Imperium soliders paced by, completely ignoring her as they did most of her kind.  "Nothing to see here except the best fruits in the galaxy!" she continued.

Then something caught her eye.  A zelenca and a human had been conversing on the other side of the marketplace.  But when the soldiers appeared they stopped abruptly and made a casual attempt to cover their features.

Very interesting indeed.

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