Ramea (Race)

Home Planet:  Gemshorn

Affiliation:  Imperium

Description:  Though sentient, the ramea did not end up evolving into a more humanoid form as many intelligent species in the galaxy seem to have done.  Ramea may be noted by their hard exoskeleton, six legs and pincers.  As their entire race exists below Gemshorn's crust, ramea have no optical sensors.  Instead, they "see" using super sensitive hairs on their legs to detect vibrations and sound.

 Ramea are perfectly intelligent but have thus far seemed content to submit to Imperium rule.  They achieved space flight before most but never made any move to explore.  Instead, they seem content with their mining operations.  Their prominent pincers serve as the perfect digging tool.

The Imperium has grown reliant on the raw materials produced by the ramea.  But despite their complacency, the ramea are not to be trusted.  It has been rumored that no ambassador has ever returned from a diplomatic mission to the planet.

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