Corna (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium

Native Race:  Bac

Main Weapon Produced:  Db Mounted Pistol

Main Ship Produced:  Tumpet Battleship

Description:  Corna was one of the first planets to be "initiated" into the Imperium.  The planet's native inhabitants are friendly enough but certainly not known for their strategic expertise.  They surrendered control almost the moment the Imperium set foot on their planet.

Corna is primarily known for being almost entirely covered by forests and is a popular tourist destination. The bird-like bac live in large nests that most species find fun and/or romantic to stay in.  Because of this the Imperium rarely bothers Corna for anything other than taxes.  They like to think that they are keeping the morale of their citizens high.

Corna is an average sized planet however only a very small portion of it is deemed habitable.  Much of the forest contains deadly plants that can consume a human-sized being.  The ancient bac used to have a tradition of venturing into these more hazardous areas to kill such a plant and claim a trophy of honor.  However, it has been centuries since anyone has attempted such a feat.

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