The Teacher (Adventure) - Uxel Herum Saga 6

An automated response indicated that Uxel was clear to land on Gemshorn.  For the hundredth time that hour, Uxel wondered if she wasn't making a mistake.  There was a very good reason Gemshorn was not listed on the top tourist destination charts.  There was a high probability she was headed straight to an early demise.  Puffing up her feathers to make herself feel bigger than she really was, Uxel carefully piloted her ship toward one the designated hole in the planet's crust.

All life on Gemshorn was found beneath the planet's surface and Uxel immediately noticed the lack of plant life as she navigated through a seemingly endless dimly lit tunnel.  This planet could not be more opposite from her own homeworld, Corna.

The landing site came into view and Uxel's ship touched down without incident.  She walked out of the cargo vessel and noted with some confusion that the site was completely empty.  No one to greet her.  No one to give her trouble.

One of the native rameans scuttled by, startling her.  The creature paused, tested the air with its pincers and went back to its business, clearly some sort of dock worker.

Uxel shuddered in disgust.  She knew that the rameans were intelligent, sentient beings.  But it didn't change the fact that they looked like the kind of thing one normally avoided in the less habitable portions of her homeworld.

"You get used to them, eventually," a voice said from behind.

Uxel practically jumped out of her skin and whirled around.

"My, my.  A jumpy little thing, aren't you?"

Uxel eyed the elderly human that addressed her.  "A trait that has kept me alive up until now.  I didn't hear you coming."

"Most don't."

"Who are you?"

"You may call me Master Achushnet.  I was told by one of my old pupils that I might expect you."

"And you live her?" Uxel asked, unable to comprehend anyone but the natives wanting to exist in such a place.

"Can you think of a better place for some privacy?  Come and follow me.  I'll take you to my home where we may begin your training."

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