Clarinit Battleship (Ship)

Creators:  Vivald on the planet Zink

Speed:  6
Armor:  7
Maneuverability:  6

Description:  Much like its creators, this is not a normal battleship.  Clarinits are grown rather than built.  The vivald have never divulged their ship designing techniques but it is know for a fact that the Clarinit battlehips are somehow... alive.

There are no standard control panels inside.  Rather, each crew must connect directly to the ship by extending tendrils that take root in the hull.  Though the ship itself is not sentient, it does have basic instincts, making the flying experience a cooperation of sorts between the ship and the crew.

The Clarinit certainly may not be the strongest battleship in existence but what makes it unique is that it doesn't have weaknesses.  It's decently maneuverable and fast for a ship of its size plus the armor can take quite a beating while in combat.  Many species would love to get their hands on such technology and would have stolen it by now if it wasn't for the fact that vivald are needed to pilot the vessel.

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