Vivald (Race)

Home Planet:  Zink

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Description:  The vivald are not your typical sentient life form.  This race does technically qualify as a plant.  They use sunlight to conduct photosynthesis rather than breathe air.  The gas that their body expels after processing the sunlight is considered to be toxic to most species that are non-native to Zink. It is, perhaps, ironic that despite being highly toxic, vivald are considered to be very exotically attractive.

Vivald do not ingest their food but rather absorb the nutrients they need through their planet's soil.  They are grown from seedlings and mature to a standard bipedal form.  Some choose to grow additional arms or legs.  Each extra limb requires more energy and nutrients to maintain so few choose to modify themselves in such a fashion.  They are capable of regrowing their limbs if any happen to be severed.

As a race, the vivald are openly defiant of the Imperium and have made their planet a safe haven for refugees by devoting a generous portion of planetary resources to creating more universally habitable dwellings.  Coming from any other race, this attitude would smack of overconfidence.  But their confidence is not that unreasonable considering any Imperium soldiers sent in would die if exposed to their would-be prisoners.

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