Training Day 141 (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 12

The darkness began to lace with shades of pink and orange as the sun rose.  It would have been a beautiful morning if Reuben hadn't had this mission to think about.  Despite it being his turn to sleep, he could only lightly doze.  His nerves kept him semi-alert the entire night.

The scouts had returned, reporting that Bamtrob and six others were holed up in a bunker not too far from their location.  That made the the fight an easy one-on-one.  Reuben was immediately suspicious.  There was no way Bamtrob would make this this easy.   One of the first things he had been taught was know your enemy.  And he knew that Bamtrob probably had backup waiting in ambush somewhere.

"Did you do scans of the area?" he asked one of the scouts.

"We did, sir.  The only sentient life forms detected where in that bunker.  If the sergeant has backup they would have to be flown in or take at least twenty minutes to arrive on foot.  As far as we can tell, they're just waiting to shoot it out."

"Hmm... well, it would be foolish to do a direct assault.  Too many unknowns.  What's the terrain like, cadet?"

"Rocky.  Some cover from larger boulders but not much."

"Well, that makes things tricky.  All right, we're going to have to use diversion rather than brut force. Listen closely..."

It was nightfall again when Ruben settled into his position.  In exactly three minutes the attack would begin.  He was counting on the fact that there were reinforcements hidden somewhere.  But his scout had been correct in that they probably wouldn't arrive by air.

Therefore, their first job would be to draw them out.

Unhooking his V7 from his back, Reuben turned on his visor and adjusted his scope at the bunker.  The first phase of his plan was somewhat simplistic.  He and the other cadets had positioned themselves just out of their accurate distance range.  The point was create commotion rather than hit targets.  Plus, it would make counter-attacks difficult for Bamtrob.

The three minutes were up.  Reuben looked through his scope, aimed as best he could and began to squeeze off shots.  The energy bolts (set to low power so no one was killed in the exercise) hit wide.  Soon a rain of bolts came from seemingly all directions as the other cadets began to fire at random.

There was return fire from the bunker but their attempt at deception seemed to be paying off.  The random spread made it difficult to tell exactly where the shots were coming from.

Reuben checked his scanner and blinked into surprise.  It was now detecting three sentient life forms.

'Vert!  They must have faked their life form signature as they waited in hiding.

Thinking quickly, he got up from his position and headed to the closest one on his scanner, using the darkness to cover his movements as best he could.  The main objective was to advance on the bunker.  So he would let the other cadets continue their assault as planned.

There was a flutter of movement that he caught out of the corner of his eye.  Without thinking, he whirled and fired.

The man dropped to the ground in an unconscious heap.

One down...

The other cadets continued their assault, as ordered.  They all continued to fire while one of them advanced forward a few paces.  Then another one would advance a few more paces, slowly closing in on the bunker with cold efficiency.

Reuben noticed on his scanner that the two other sentient life forms were starting to move in on his squad.  He would have to work faster.

He sent a warning signal for his squad to be on the alert for ambushers.  Then began to sprint to the next target figuring they were already aware of his presence.  He should be coming up on the target soon...


Ruben took aim... and a stinging sensation washed over his body.  His body stiffed and he felt himself crumple into blackness...

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