Paid for Services Rendered (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 7

Calen returned to the home of her employer two full days after her kill was completed.  She had wanted to make sure she had escaped cleanly.  She spent much of her time wandering the streets and eating in plain view in public eating facilities.  While the assassination was the number one topic of conversation, no one seemed to know that they were sitting next to the assassin herself.

The servant she had seen before answered the door.  He said nothing but merely handed her a data pad and closed the door.  Calen tapped through the data pad; it's only contents being a single address.

She found the address easily enough.  It appeared to be some sort of warehouse on the outside.  She walked in and saw her unnamed employer sitting there smoking something out of a pipe.

"Calen," he nodded in greeting.

"I've come for my reward," she commanded without preamble.  "No tricks or you'll end up like your target."

Her employer chuckled and puffed his pipe.  "Never fear.  There will be no tricks.  Your assassination was brilliant and I am grateful to you."

He motioned for her to follow and they walked deeper into the warehouse.  It was then that Calen finally noticed the lone occupant: a brand new Veolen fighter.

She inhaled in awe.  It looked sleek and fast.  It was black but she could see in certain angles there was a hint of dark blue to the coloring.  It was perfect.

"Do you like it?"

She nodded.  "It's perfect."

"It's yours.  This particular ship has been custom built.  It has more armor than your standard Veolen fighter but is still just as fast and maneuverable."

Calen walked over and ran her hand over the smooth contours of the ship.  "I'll call it Blue Sun to remind me of where I came from."

"Remember your first employer.  I will have need of you in the future."

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