Picolo Submarine (Ship)

Creators:  Humans on the planet Tabor

Speed: 8
Armor: 4
Maneuverability: 3

Description:  Designed specifically for the Special Assault Corp.  The Imperium prides itself on being able to handle attacks on any sort of terrain.  At least, that's what they publicly announce to the world.  In reality, the creation of unique terrain vehicles may hint at the Imperium's invasion plan.

The Picolo submarine is rather small in comparison to some of those created by the zelenca.  It requires a crew of four to operate efficiently.  The primary asset of this submarine being speed rather than power.  The designers did right in that the Picolo is certainly quick in the water.  However, it lacks the graceful agility of some of the competitors in its class.  A design flaw that could be fatal in the end.

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