Fm ii Pistol (Weapon)

Creators:  Zelenca on the planet Shawm

Power:  6
Range:  4
Accuracy:  4

Description:  The zelenca have become famous for their battleships.  However, the Fm ii pistol is arguably one of their more intriguing inventions.  Unlike the traditional pistol or rifle which fires bolts of energy, the Fm ii kills with sound waves.  The front of the pistol is specially shaped to fire concentrated sonic waves at a target which will then damage the organs.

There are some definite pros and cons to this pistol.  The sonic attack can be extremely effective but is also greatly affected by the air or water density it is being fired in.  But the fact that is does work underwater makes it a versatile weapon.

The Fm ii has a default frequency setting that is powerful enough to at least render most targets unconscious if not totally kill.  However, every living being has different natural vibrations.  An experienced handler of this pistol will adjust the sound frequency being shot out in order to inflict the appropriate amount of damage desired on a target.  Thus, in the hands of a professional, this pistol is certainly something to be feared.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

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