Cryptic Note (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 4

Calen decided that it would be best to remain unnoticed until nightfall.  Though it was easy to be lost in the crowds, someone unfamiliar with the city environment stood out.  She would spend this evening becoming acquainted.

She ignored the ache in her muscles from sitting crouched in the ally.  She had been trained since birth the art of hunting.  Though she was slightly better than most, everyone in her tribe had learned to ignore the pains of the body and mind.  It was either ignore the pain or starve.

Very little fuss is made about sunset on Rebec.  Night and the outside temperature falls quickly.  As with all  scarlati, Calen's vision could adjust to low light conditions.  In the desert this was definitely an advantage.  In the city, less so.  Automated lights turned on and illuminated most of the main streets.  However, Calen's ally was still pitch black.  At least it provided some cover.  Silently, she untied the pack the stranger had given her and examined the contents.

The stranger who had hired her was definitely thorough.  Food rations, a map and extra ammo cells for her C6 had been had been provided.  Digging deeper into the pack, she found what seemed to be a black jumpsuit of sorts.  Needing a fresh change of clothing, she stripped out of her more native looking garb and dawned the jumpsuit.  Though seemingly thin and skin tight, the garment proved to be surprisingly warm against the night chill.

Calen pulled her own black boots  back on and then examined the final item in the pack.  It was essentially a utility belt with clips for ammo cells and pouches.  Calen buckled on the belt, loaded up the ammo clips and put the food rations in one of the pouches.  She then turned her attention to the map.

She found it interesting that the map was hand drawn.  Even in her far more rustic nomadic tribe almost everyone used data pads.  They did not wear with age and took up far less space than thousands of scrolls.  A single building was circled on the map along with a note written in the margins saying "Tomorrow.  Evening Meal."

Calen pondered what the cryptic note might mean.  Deciding not to waste any more time, she threw aside the now empty pack, secured her rifle, and melted into the shadows as she made her way toward the building circled on the map.

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