Tubo Battleship (Ship)

Creators:  Zelenca on the planet Shawm

Speed:  5
Armor:  7
Maneuverability:  4

Description:  The Tubo battleship is one of the most advanced in the galaxy.  Centuries of perfecting submarine technology gave the zelenca a head start when it came time to explore space.

The Tubo battleship can fit a modest crew of 200 plus a complement of 30 starfighters.  Though zelenca can breathe both air and water, this battleship's atmosphere is comprised of air for practical purposes.  A water filled vessel simply weighs too much in order to land and take off from planets.

The zelenca have fully explored the considerable depths of their ocean covered planet.  In order to do so they had to develop hulls on their aquatic vessels that could withstand the pressure and could move efficiently through the water.

This extra thick plating is applied to the Tubo battleship making it extremely difficult to breach during skirmishes.  To top it off, the zelenca applied their knowledge of hydrodynamics to the design.  Many of the angles on the Tubo battleship are made in such a way that they actually deflect energy bolts fired at it.


  1. Just wanted to chime and say I enjoy reading these fun bits of story and setting.

  2. Thank you, Henry. I really enjoy writing the posts. The blog is pretty new so I don't get much feedback. So your comment just made my day =)