Brainstorming (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 14

"No names," the bartender said firmly.  "I don't want to know who you are and you don't know me."

Calen shrugged.  "Fair enough.  Now tell me what this resistance of yours has uncovered so far."

"Not much, I'm afraid.  Most of us are civilians and not in positions of power to really do any deep digging.  But we do know that the spies are zelenca traitors.  As you've probably figured out, it's not easy for an outsider to get around our underwater cities.  It would be impossible for a stranger to live for years here without anyone noticing.  We think that the spies probably have an interest in Shawm joining the Imperium."

"A reasonable assumption.  What actions have you taken?"

"We have no wish to undermine our own government.  Which is why you are such a convenient discovery.  We have made a point of following around those that we suspect.  But they are tricky, these traitors.  They are careful to hide their tracks."

"Tell me who you suspect," Calen asked as she idly toyed with her knife.

The bartender shook his head.  "Nothing is positive.  And we have no names.  But I can give you the images that we took of them.  There are two.  Both of them are high level officials at the Dome."

"What's that?"

"We have found that some manufacturing is best done in an oxygen based environment.  So the Dome was built to house such productions.  The thing is, that building only has interplanetary communications.  So if messages are being sent to the Imperium, it's not from there."

"It would be too suspicious to send messages directly from the Dome, anyone.  It would compromise their position."

"We thought that too.  But we have yet figure out where they could be sending the messages.  Our cities have very tight security.  This is partially why our government foolishly believes that invasion is impossible."

She slid her knife back in her boot.  "Leave that to me.  I'm going to follow up on this lead.  I'll be back if it turns out to be a dead end."

"And if it doesn't?"

She laughed.  "Consider your problem solved."

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