The Dome (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 15

Calen shifted her weight ever so slightly to relieve the cramping in her arms.  She had broken into the Dome several hours before the workday began, wanting to have time to examine her surroundings.  A falsified key given to her by the bartender had granted her access and after that it had been easy to avoid the basic security measures in place.

It was a relief for Calen to not be floating around.  She felt like her prey was now on her terms now, something a hunter always desired.  But the first thing she noticed was the presence of bright lights everywhere to illuminate the work place.  Her cloaking device would not last long in such an environment so it was necessary to find a hiding spot in order to preserve the charge for when she needed it most.

She ended up climbing on top of a large storage tank that was almost touching a portion of ceiling.  It was a tight fit but Calen had long ago become inured to staying in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.  Worthy prey and the honor of making a difficult kill always made the wait worthwhile.

The images of the two suspect officials were burned into her memory.  Carrying around a data pad on such a mission was impractical.  If they showed up, she would recognize them.  Many hours had gone by since the large airlock doors opened up to admit the first wave of workers and bots into the Dome and there was still no sign of either suspect.

Two more shifts left and entered before the first suspect finally walked in.  Finally, Calen thought.  She watched the zelenca with interest as he immediately went to work overseeing a portion of the factory floor.  The bartender had been correct in that if messages were being sent, it was not from the Dome.  The official was constantly surrounded by employees giving him little chance for privacy.

Calen could see that the zelenca had limited power at best.  He supervised but Calen counted at least eight others that he seemed to answer too.  If the man valued position or wealth he would be ripe for bribery.  He was also in a key location to give the Imperium valuable information.  Invasion on a water planet such as this would be difficult.  But it would make strategic sense to try and cripple the economy by destroying its factories.  All it would take is a handful of precise attacks to completely undermine the government.

The zelenca's behavior changed subtly and he began to glance at the airlock as if expecting someone.  The change in behavior would have been imperceptible to a less experienced hunter.  Another wave of workers and bots entered and with it came the second suspect.

So, there is a connection between them.

The two exchanged data pads, a seemingly normal occurrence between the supervisors of each shift and the first suspect began to head toward the airlock door.


Calen either had to take her chances following her first suspect or stay where she was and watch the second.  Making a split-second calculation she activated her cloaking device and climbed down the storage tank with impressive agility, slipping into the airlock mere seconds before the door closed.

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