Zink (Planet)

Affiliation:  Rebellion

Native Race:  Vivald

Main Weapon Produced:  Augmented B9 Pistol

Main Ship Produced:  Clarinit Battleship

Description:  This lush, swampy planet is one of the oldest in the galaxy.  The atmosphere is toxic to most beings but Zink has a unique beauty to it in that many of the native plants are colors one doesn't see elsewhere.  If one is willing to brave the inhospitable air, it is reportedly quite a spectacular site flying over Zink's surface.

The native vivald are quite openly in favor of the Rebellion, a political stance not many planetary governments have been bold enough to take.  The vivald know that their atmosphere would make Zink an expensive planet to occupy and they flaunt this fact in front of the Imperium.

Therefore Zink has become a refuge for those fleeing Imperium persecution.  The multitude of species now found on the planet has made the culture as colorful as the foliage.   

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