The Factory (Adventure) - Uxel Herum Saga 2

Ah yes... the factory was still there.  Her little secret.  Her fortune.

To any Imperium official that asked, Uxel was a simple fruit merchant.  She sold native foods that most tourists considered to be novelties.  But this business was nothing.  She made enough to make her business appear legitimate, nothing more.

No, the real money was in selling weapons.  The Rebellion was constantly in need of supplies and she was more than happy to sell them.  She never went out of her way to smuggle the weapons.  No, that was a job for beings bolder than her.

She preferred to think of herself as a distribution agent.  Corna was the perfect spot.  So many tourists came and went that no one thought twice about the comings and goings of different species.

But this factory... this would put all of that to shame.  She had long heard rumors of such a place.  That the Imperium had set up a factory in the dark forest.  The lower levels of the forest that no bac dared to venture.

It was the perfect spot, really.  Ego combined with a sizable compliment of guards must have made the Imperium believe that they were impervious to the perils of the dark forest.

For the past standard month, she had flown to the factory location and crept as close as she dared to take notes on her data pad.  The more notes, the more this information would be worth to the Rebellion.

It was a ship factory.  They seemed to mostly focus on the smaller fighters so as not to attract too much attention.  Uxel had already counted the number of guards and was now trying to figure out guard rotations and worker schedules.

She sat on her perch and took a calming breath as she prepared to spend yet another day taking notes and comparing them to her old ones.  It was tedious work.  But her patience would pay off.  She was sure of it.

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