Bac (Race)

Home Planet:  Corna

Affiliation:  Imperium

Description:   Bac are a flying species which make their lifestyle somewhat unique compared to other land-locked sentients.  Before the Imperium started to aggressively take over planets, Corna was a popular tourist destination.  People would travel from all over the galaxy to stay in the picturesque tree homes (called "nests").

Bac are slightly shorter than your average human and entirely covered with feathers.  To an outsider, the main noticeable difference between the males and the females is that the males have large feathered crests on their heads while the females do not.

When on land, bac are fully bipedal.  Their upper extremities do have digits that are capable of performing dexterous tasks.  However, this dexterity becomes immobilized while they are in flight as most of their muscles must be devoted to staying in the air.

As a race, the bec are considered to be slightly less intelligent than other species.  They are perfectly capable of technology development but are easily startled and will often act on instinct rather than reason.

Artwork by Andrew de Guzman

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