Gittern (Planet)

Affiliation:  Imperium

Native Race:  None

Main Weapon Produced:  None

Main Ship Produced:   None

Description:  Arguably one of the most interesting planets yet discovered.  Due to a unique combination of planet rotation speed and proximity to various solar bodies, the seasons on Gittern change at an extremely rapid pace.  Each "day" on Gittern lasts about eight standard hours and the seasons change about every three days.

With the constant switching between thick snow storms, rain and intense heat, the only native inhabitants to Gittern are several species of fungus.  The fungus seems to have no trouble adapting to the rapid changing environment.

Technically under Imperium jurisdiction, this unique planet serves a unique role for Imperium troops: it is used as for survival training when cadets finish their year of basic training.  The cadets are dropped off with only the most basic of supplies and are expected to survive for two standard weeks.  Those that do become full-fledged members of the Imperium military and must serve for another four years to complete the mandatory service requirement.

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