Db Mounted Pistol (Weapon)

Creators:  Bac on the planet Corna

Power: 3
Range: 3
Accuracy: 5

Description:  With barely average accuracy and unimpressive power or range, the Db pistol is seemingly unimpressive on paper.  However its developer did give it one decided advantage: it is a hands free weapon.

While bac are mobile on land, they generally fly from place to place.  Therefore, having a weapon that does not require the use of their upper or lower limbs is exceedingly useful.  The pistol has a wire that may be inserted into a muscle area of choice on one's body.  When the muscle is tensed, the pistol fires.

Such an unorthodox firing mechanism does take quite a bit of getting used to less one shoots the pistol by accident.  Many bounty hunters and other beings in less than reputable professions have adopted this weapon claiming it to be an extremely useful backup in fighting situations.

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