First Flight (Adventure) - Calen Natari Saga 8

Calen's former employer had left her alone in the warehouse/hangar with her new ship.  She was still in awe of her new acquisition.  The ship was perfect.  Everything and more she could have ever hoped for.

She climbed up the side and touched a small button that make the cockpit slide open.  She lowered herself into the pilot's chair.  Everything fit perfectly.  As if it had been custom made for her alone.

Calen had some experience with flying.  She had flown interplanetary shuttles and hover taxis.  But this was her first lightspeed ship.  Her first chance at real freedom.

Her employer must have told someone that a ship would be departing because the hangar doors began to slowly grind open, letting the outside heat and sun pour in.  It was time to leave this place and make a name for herself.

Calen turned on the power and the ship thrummed to life.

She slid her hands over the controls, enjoying the rough, metallic texture.  She raised the landing gear and urged the ship forward slowly.  Calen could feel Blue Sun's energy.  As if the ship was as eager to leave as she.

As soon as she cleared the hangar doors, she threw the throttle forward and blasted toward Rebec's upper atmosphere.

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