Assignment (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 7

Reuben found himself yet again standing outside Sergent Vert's office.  His every muscle was tense and he hadn't been able to eat breakfast that morning due to nerves.  This was it.  His whole life was going to be determined in these next few minutes.

Sergent Vert hollered for him to enter.

"First Degree Cadet Calloway reporting in, sir!"

"Yes, yes," Sergent Vert gestured dismissively as he looked over a report.  "You've had a unexemplary training so far, cadet.  But during your division tests..."

"I know, sir..."

"You know, cadet?  You know what?"

"I didn't follow the rules during the division tests."

"What rules?  We told you to stay alive and take out your opponents.  And you did.  You did that alarmingly well.  I don't know if it rose from some streak of cleverness or cowardice but you did it, cadet."

"I did.... what, sir?"

"You did well enough to be assigned to Special Assault Corp.  That branch needs thinkers like you.  Soldiers that aren't afraid to run in a different direction."

Reuben was stunned.  He had been preparing himself to be sent to the front.  Or, worse, be kicked out and sent home humiliated.   But Special Assault Corp!  Only the most highly skilled were sent there!

"Here are your orders, cadet.  You'll be reporting to Special Assault Sergent Bamtrob from now on."

"Thank you, sir!"

"Oh... and here," Sergent Vert handed him a small box that contained a rank pin.  "You've been promoted to second degree.  Nice work, cadet.  Dismissed."

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