Gearing Up (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 3

Reuben followed the group as Sargent Vert led them to rows of well-organized shelves of standard issue duraplast armor.  The Sargent pulled out an electronic measuring device and sized up each cadet one by one.

Reuben waited his turn and then headed over to the area of shelves that had armor to fit him.  The dark grey and black armor of the Imperium soldier had become a trademark of fear across the galaxy.  It consisted of  leg, arm and chest plates, thick boots, gloves, and a helmet.  On the right arm there was a red Imperium symbol.  On the chest was a rank insignia that indicated he was a first year cadet.

The entire ensemble was atmosphere proof once the helmet clicked into place.   The duraplast material was also impervious to practically any melee weapon attack.  This enabled any squad of troops to land on a planet of any air type and go straight into fighting.

Reuben couldn't help but feel a small thrill of excitement as he fitted the final pieces on his body.  He felt dangerous and powerful.  He was no longer just a scared fifteen-year-old human nobody.  He was a soldier.  He would make his family proud.

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