Weiss (Race)

Home Planet:  Dulcian

Affiliation:  Imperium

Description:  The serpent-like weiss are something of a peculiarity.  They seem to prefer existing alone for the most part, gathering together only for ritualistic meetings at certain points during the year.  Mating takes place at these gatherings along with any crucial planetary decisions that need to be made.

It is because of this solitary way of life that they decided, as a race, to willingly join the Imperium.  The political unrest of the galaxy is such that they felt it reasonable to take sides with the apparent power.  The weiss have not bothered with developing their space ships past a very rudimentary and they have no standing army.  By allowing the Imperium to occupy their planet, both problems are solved.

Lacking legs, weiss slither like their less evolved cousins.  Their upper half does have a a vaguely humanoid appearance.  On average they only live forty standard years.  But, strangely enough, they seem to possess a wisdom beyond normal sentient beings.  The few studies they have consented to partaking in have shown that weiss see everything eight times faster than the average human.  Which means that through their eyes they experience what humans would consider to be 320 years of life.

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