Passepid Shield (Weapon)

Creators: Strozzi on the planet Kortholt

Description:  A weapon designed for a true warrior.  The Passepid is an energy shield that has the ability to change angles.  The actual device is a deceptively simple looking wristband that hides extremely complex circuitry.  Able to detect impact up to a millionth of a second before it occurs, the Passepid will automatically adjust to the optimum deflection angle.

Young strozzi warriors go through intensive training to master such a device.  The complete potential of this shield can only be unlocked if the wielder learns to work with the device rather than against it.

A few tuners have been seen wearing the Passepid.  But such sightings are rare since in order to acquire this device, the tuner would have to come to a trade agreement with the notoriously inhospitable strozzi. 

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