Final Test (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 14

Reuben stood stiffly at attention with the other cadets in his training squad.  His formal uniform of black and red had been washed, starched and polished with extreme care.  Reuben couldn't help but stick his chest out with pride at the addition of his third degree pin.

"So you think you know a thing or two about combat do you?" Sergeant Bamtrob said as he paced between the lines of Special Assault trainees.  "Well think again."

Despite his growing confidence in his abilities, Ruben couldn't totally surpress the flutter of nervousness at the sergeant's words.  When his CO said something was going to be difficult, it usually was... very difficult.

"For better or worse, you've all passed your first year of training and now the real work begins.  No more play-time.  You either pass, or you die.  In exactly 36 standard hours you will all be flown to the planet Gittern to begin your final two week survival test.  You'll receive a standard survival pack similar to what you would find in your ship should it crash in a hostile environment.

"Your objective, cadets, is to survive.  Gittern is an extremely hard environment.  The seasons change every 24 standard hours not to mention a few other fun surprises that I'm sure you'll discover.  This is not a youth camp, cadets.  This is military training.  Not every cadet has made it out alive.  But if you're smart and you remember your training you have a good chance.

"So I suggest you spend the next 36 hours resting.  You'll need it.  Dismissed."

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