Overlooked (Adventure) - Uxel Herum Saga 1

The soliders always overlooked her.  If only they knew.  It would serve them right.

Uxel's eyes darted to left and right.  The Imperium soldiers thought they were so high and mighty.  They called her people bird faces or flock of freaks.  Like having feathers made you lesser.

If only they knew what she knew.

She really couldn't understand how the flightless could get so superior.  They were probably just angry about being stuck on land.

The Imperium didn't bother her much.  She was, after all, just a lowly merchant.  For all they knew.

Her eyes darted around again and she quickly glanced up and down.

But she had now intention of being a lowly merchant forever.  She knew things now.  She had figured out what the Imperium was really up to.  And she was going to make a tidy profit from it.

She just had to figure out who would want to pay to know what she knew.

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