Basic Training (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 4

Basic training was tough.  Much harder than Reuben could have even imagined.  He was constantly tired and hungry.  Every day was a grueling schedule of exercise, classes, more exercise, drills, more classes, and more drills.  The armor he wore had become a second skin.  It almost felt more strange having it off rather than on.

"It is not your job to think!" Sergeant Kon had yelled at the cadets on the first day of basic.  "It is your job to learn and obey."

Reuben had thought that a bit strict at the time but now, after a month of training, thinking was the last thing on his list.  It was all he could do to keep up with the other cadets.  Every single one of them seemed to be more suited to this job than him.

He wasn't especially athletic.  His skill with the rifle seemed to be average at best.   He really struggled with zero-gravity drills and formation marching.  One of the other cadets had already received a second degree promotion and was put in charge of the other cadets when the sergeants weren't around.

At least he had decent marks in all of his classes.  So he may not be able to actually hit any of them but he would know which alien species was attacking him when they charged at his squad.

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