Graduation from Basic (Adventure) - Reuben Calloway Saga 25

Cadet, Third Degree Reuben Calloway felt the sting of tears around the corners of his eyes but he managed to hold them back as he stood rigidly at attention.  He made it through basic training.  He made it!

His crisp, black and red dress uniform was spotless.  Reuben had polished his boots three times to ensure that they could reflect lights.  On his right arm was the traditional red insignia of the Imperium and on his left he now bore the symbol of Special Assault Corp.

He couldn't see them but he knew his parents were sitting proudly in the audience.  It was every human parent's dream to see their offspring have a distinguished military career.  They all were required to serve their five years but only the best continued on to become high-ranking officers.

Reuben could see himself continuing down this path.  He had been terrified of what he would have to face in training but now he was no longer afraid of his future.  He could handle anything the Rebellion threw at him, he was sure of it.  He still had four more years of schooling and training but it would only serve to make him even better.

The last speaker finally concluded and Sergeant Bamtrob walked onto the stage.  "You are now soldiers of the Imperium.  Soldiers SAL-UTE!"

The audience erupted into cheers and Reuben felt himself swell with pride.  This was the greatest day of his life.  Things could only go up from here.

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